Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lori and Brian's Wedding June 14th, 2008

The beggining is dinner with Brian's family and ours at McKennas on the water. They all flew in from Florida and Oregon.

Stitch n' Chicks Party at the House, my Knit/ Crochet Group

summer party of my knit/crochet group on the patio June 19th, 2008

My Birthday April 4th, 2008

My best friend Mary visits me for my "B" day.. :)

we went to the Japanese Gardens..
Bob and John on my "B" day... :)

I did blow them all out... :)

Angels Here We Come, and the Pond!

Bob and I went to the Angels game on June 1st with friends who got box seats!!! Wow what a great view and we even had personal waiters to bring us food... :) Thank you Jeff and Sherry...

Our friendly pet squirrel loves to bury the peanuts I feed it in my planters, I got her to take a peanut out of hand now.. :)

The pond this year has really grown and the flowers are blooming grass under the tree is coming in thick now....yeah!!!

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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