Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome To my Family and Friends Blog

Welcome Family and friends!

I started this blog for everyone to come to and post here [you should have gotten an invite from "Google" to be able to post] and see photos and share our lives with each other. So feel free to post and visit often.


Bob and I went to our annual formal Awards Dinner with our car club. It was in Irvine and we had a wonderful time.
In February we went to San Diego for Valentine's day and stayed at a Best Western hotel across from the Sport Fishing Marina. Of course when we got there I realized why we were ther, it was across from the largest Charter Fishing boats marina in CA. Hmmm I think Bob planned that one out!!! One of the sites we got to explore was the Soledad Veteran's Memorial. now that is a moving place to visit. They have memorials to the soldiers all on plaques and then up on the mound you get a 360' view from the mountains to the ocean. Just breath taking!! and I got to visit my favorite place, "The Hard Rock Cafe" and get a new collector's pin. this one was a Valentine's Heart guitar. :)


On the 23rd we attended the Purple Ball with the Red Hats group I belong to "Too Hat To Handle" and we had a ball, no pun intended. We danced and laughed and Bob got to meet all my lady friend sfrom the Red Hats group. There were over 200 people present and Bob got sang to by the singer and then we found out later that she was a he!!! WOW !!! We all laughed at that one. It was a "masquerade "ball so all were present in costumes.! :) As you can see we had a lot of fun. And eveyone was in the spirit of the ball. It was at the Grand Ball room in Long beach. Bob and me dancing, Bob and the singer,and me and Helene!

Ashley was 6 this year on the 8th of March. Wow time flies. I met Lori and the girls at

Knotts Berry Farm for the day. The girls had a great time. My feet were killing me and I am just not made to walk like that anymore. I liked spending the time with Lori and the girls though. They grow so fast.

Then on Monday as I was sitting in front of my couputer I saw this SUV coming down the street and then BAM***!**!**! it slammed into Bob's truck. And pushed it 2 parking spaces up the street and into my neighbor's front yarn!! WOW!!

His Car!

One of my dearest friends is Mary Viola!!!

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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