Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bass Lake and Pismo Beach Aug 9-19th, 2007

This is the lake, John.s boat, and our campsite. Bob and Foxy, john, John's girlfriend Susan and her little girl, Kaitlin, and Darin john's son.

Pismo Beach

We went there for 5 days after we were at Bass Lake. I have always loved it there. We stayed in an RV park right on the ocean. It was really nice.

This is on the cliffs off of Pismo Beach. Bob and I stopped here and met this lady who actually owned a little, reallly cute, house across the street from this little park with a full view of the opcean. She bought the house in 1962 for, wait for this one...$26,000!!!! WOW!!! What do you think it is worth today...over a million $$$$!!!!! Think she has a next egg??? Here I am doing my favorite hobby, crocheting around the camp fire. In Bass Lake we couldn't have a fire with the drought, but at Pismo we could and took the opportunity to light it. As you can see the sun is setting and I am dressed for the cooler nighttime marine air that rolls in...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Amanda gets Baptized!

July 29th, 2007

Mommy and Amanda...

A little scared....

The baptizing....
all wet and drying off....

Where is Bass Lake???

Bass Lake is one of the most popular vacation spots in Central California. The lake was created back in 1899. It was enlarged 6 years later, and work on the present dam began in 1909. At 3,500 feet in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, the 4-mile long lake is on the north fork of Willow Creek which is a tributary of the San Joaquin River. Its waters turn powerful, electricity-producing turbine engines for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), the world's largest non-government utility. Because of its altitude, it's not unsual for Bass Lake to have snow on the ground for several weeks during the winter--not tons of snow...but enough snow to carry chains in your trunk...and, as locals put it, enough snow to be beautiful but not bothersome.
Bass Lake is popular for all of the right reasons. It's close to California's Central Valley (1 hour from Fresno) via Highway 41 and only 20 minutes from Yosemite. Nature lovers appreciate the lake, and so do fishermen--it's stocked with trout, bass, salmon, catfish, crappie and bluegill. Water skiers appreciate the warm water--75 to 78 degrees in the summer. The lake has excellent marina facilities.
The Pines Resort on Bass Lake
Camping is popular too. Part of the Sierra National Forest, there are 4 area campgrounds with a total of 239 camping
units. The basic daily use fee is $15; reservations are required and can be made by calling 1-800-280-CAMP. Call at least a week ahead of time, but no more than six months. You can camp for a maximum of 10 days. For day users there are picnic tables and fireplaces--43 such sites.
Additionally, Bass Lake has cabin and home rentals, motels, hotels & resorts. The lake's largest and most complete resort (rooms, suites, restaurant-on-the-lake & more) is
The Pines Resort and Conference Center. Watercraft rentals including ski boats, wave runners and party barges are available.
Bass Lake has various year-round activities. Among them are the $10,000 spring fishing tournament. During the 4th of July, Bass Lake is the place to be ... the fireworks display attracts thousands from a wide area. Be prepared; it is very crowded during that holiday period.

Vacation and Events Schedule for Bob and Debb

Were going on the road: 2012

    Bass Lake Annual Trip: 2014 July 4th

    Bob's Fishing: Bob Oct 2014
    Bob & Debb OCV Meetings n Socials:  Sept 18th, Oct 16th
    • Red Hat Lunches :  Debb "J4UD" 3rd Tuesday every month
    • Bob and Debb to the Cabin: July 4th week & Oct 4th weekend 2014
    • SnC Knit Club Summer Party: Debb 2014, El dOrado Golf Restarant 5:30pm- 9 pm
    • SnC Annual Beach Day:  Debb 2014, Seal Beach sit n' crochet/knit and lunch July
    • RH : Debb going
    • Red Hat 
    • SnC Club Annual BB Retreat: Debb on hold 2014
    • Darin's Birthday: August 30th
    • Bob and Debb's Anniversary: Sept 2nd, 2014 13 years
    • Bob's Birthday: Sept 4th, 
    • SnC Competition Fair: Debb goes with SnC, Sept 20th 2014
    • Red Hats 1st Annual Tea Inaugurating Members: POSTPONED
    • Red Hats Halloween Party: Oct 25th with RRC
    • SnC Annual Halloween Party: Debb's house Oct 23rd - Costume 5:30 pm - ?? 
    • Red Hats Bowling with Turkey's: Nov 8th
    • SnC Christmas party: Debb Dec 4th , Thursday evening my house 5:30 pm
    • Red Hats Christmas Party: Debb Dec 12th Original Mike's
    • SnC Club Annual Norco Craft Fair Field Trip: Debb nov 30th 
    • OCV: Formal Christmas Party: Bob n Debb Dec 6th
    • Red Hats Anniversary Party: Debb Jan 31st 
    • OCV Super Bowl Party: Bob n Debb Feb ????
    • Red Hats Sporting Hats Event: Debb Jan 15th
    • Red Hats Royal Queen's Get Together: ????
    • Red Hats GT Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner : Oct 8th, Elks Lakewood Lodge

    The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

    The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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