Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation and Events Schedule for Bob and Debb

Were going on the road: 2012

    Bass Lake Annual Trip: 2014 July 4th

    Bob's Fishing: Bob Oct 2014
    Bob & Debb OCV Meetings n Socials:  Sept 18th, Oct 16th
    • Red Hat Lunches :  Debb "J4UD" 3rd Tuesday every month
    • Bob and Debb to the Cabin: July 4th week & Oct 4th weekend 2014
    • SnC Knit Club Summer Party: Debb 2014, El dOrado Golf Restarant 5:30pm- 9 pm
    • SnC Annual Beach Day:  Debb 2014, Seal Beach sit n' crochet/knit and lunch July
    • RH : Debb going
    • Red Hat 
    • SnC Club Annual BB Retreat: Debb on hold 2014
    • Darin's Birthday: August 30th
    • Bob and Debb's Anniversary: Sept 2nd, 2014 13 years
    • Bob's Birthday: Sept 4th, 
    • SnC Competition Fair: Debb goes with SnC, Sept 20th 2014
    • Red Hats 1st Annual Tea Inaugurating Members: POSTPONED
    • Red Hats Halloween Party: Oct 25th with RRC
    • SnC Annual Halloween Party: Debb's house Oct 23rd - Costume 5:30 pm - ?? 
    • Red Hats Bowling with Turkey's: Nov 8th
    • SnC Christmas party: Debb Dec 4th , Thursday evening my house 5:30 pm
    • Red Hats Christmas Party: Debb Dec 12th Original Mike's
    • SnC Club Annual Norco Craft Fair Field Trip: Debb nov 30th 
    • OCV: Formal Christmas Party: Bob n Debb Dec 6th
    • Red Hats Anniversary Party: Debb Jan 31st 
    • OCV Super Bowl Party: Bob n Debb Feb ????
    • Red Hats Sporting Hats Event: Debb Jan 15th
    • Red Hats Royal Queen's Get Together: ????
    • Red Hats GT Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner : Oct 8th, Elks Lakewood Lodge

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    The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

    The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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