Sunday, September 2, 2007

Friends and Family and More

Debb in Palm Springs Air Museum Bob with a Mini plane in Palm Springs

Our Corvette

Bob and the Corvette

Foxy in Palos verdes

Mary and Debb 2005

The cabin before it was painted

Darin at the cabin 2006
inside the cabin

Foxy 2007

Grandma, Darin, Amanda, and Ashley Mom's day 2006

John and Darin 2006

Bob and Debb in Palm Springs 2006

Lori Amanda, Ashley, and Darin 2006

2005 Beatles look alike band MS walk

Bob and Debb

Bob n Debb 2005
Bob and Debb in Texas at Rudy and Becky's 2005
Rudy and Becky

Jansen Rudy and Becky's dog 

Bob and brother Rudy

Rudy and Becky's house in Texas

Glenn and Sandy and Debb in KC 2005 

Glenn & Debb 2005

Bob and Debb at South Fork from "Dallas" in Texas 2005 
Debb and Darin at Bass Lake 2004

Debb and Foxy 2004

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The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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