Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bass Lake and Pismo Beach Aug 9-19th, 2007

This is the lake, John.s boat, and our campsite. Bob and Foxy, john, John's girlfriend Susan and her little girl, Kaitlin, and Darin john's son.

Pismo Beach

We went there for 5 days after we were at Bass Lake. I have always loved it there. We stayed in an RV park right on the ocean. It was really nice.

This is on the cliffs off of Pismo Beach. Bob and I stopped here and met this lady who actually owned a little, reallly cute, house across the street from this little park with a full view of the opcean. She bought the house in 1962 for, wait for this one...$26,000!!!! WOW!!! What do you think it is worth today...over a million $$$$!!!!! Think she has a next egg??? Here I am doing my favorite hobby, crocheting around the camp fire. In Bass Lake we couldn't have a fire with the drought, but at Pismo we could and took the opportunity to light it. As you can see the sun is setting and I am dressed for the cooler nighttime marine air that rolls in...

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The Sun Setting from My Front Yard

The Sun Setting from My Front Yard
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